Hay Cube Nutrition

Why do horses do so well on HAY CUBES ?


Well, here are my observations and ideas:

  • The first stage of digestion has been done for the horse when you pour the bucket of cubes into his feeder.  The horse wastes very little energy chewing his cubes because the long stems have already been ground up before they were compressed into the hay cubes and now he is forced into eating everything, leaves, stems, stalks and grain.  That includes every thing he likes and everything he doesn't like.  The stems and stalks that he usually paws aside to get to the tasty leaves and grain, contain a lot of the roughage, fiber, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients that he needs for growth, health, energy and proper maintenance of his condition.

Well blow me down!  It's just like feeding a kid.  He'll eat the hamburger and fries but you've got to trick him into eating his spinach

  • You, as the sole manager of your horses diet and wellfare, can control the precise amount of feed your horse is consuming per feeding.  Just get a bucket and a scale and start weighing.

If your horse is starting to look a touch heavey, you may want to cut him back a pound or two.

If, on the other hand, he appears a tad too thin, throw another pound or two of cubes in the bucket.  He will appreciate it!

  • The results of cube feeding are immediate, obvious and so extraordinary that many folks have reduced or eliminated the feeding of grain.  Your regular supplementation of vitamins, minerals and other supplements should always be continued.
  • Our hay cubes are consistent in quality because the folks at Harlan Feed are professionals and they have been in the hay and Hay Cube business for decades and farming in the Sacramento Valley since 1850.  They grow and select only the very best hay for the cubes to meet your horses nutritional requirements.  They have a great reputation and cannot afford to cut any corners.
  • It is no wonder to me that people who feed and understand the feeding of hay cubes, stay with us over the long run and their horses always look great and consistently show up in the "Winners Circle".

Those are some of the nutritional reasons for feeding Hay Cubes to my horses and why I proudly supply these cubes to my friends.  Please continue with a more scientific research of hay cube nutrition right here on the web, starting with the websites below:


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Hay cubes are the best source of roughage for your horses

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Teff Grass Cubes

We have Teff Grass and Alfalfa Combination Hay Cubes in stock.


Yes they are 35% Teff Grass and 65% Alfalfa.

And the good news?

The price is the same as the Oat & Alfalfa and the straight Alfalfa Cubes.

Teff Grass is proving to be an excellent replacement for the more expensive Timothy Hay. 

If your horse is having digestive or metabolic problems, Teff Combination Cubes may be a good option for you. 

Check out this website and others to find out for yourself.



The Story of Chile Don and Chile 1980


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Throw these away.  Those backbreaking, hay in your hair days are over!

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