Why should I switch to feeding hay cubes?

Ask WPRA Barrel Racer Cheri Graves and she will tell you.

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Elimination of Waste: If you have been feeding 22 to 24 Lbs of hay to your horse daily (2% of their body weight is recommended)........Now you only need to feed 14 to 16 lbs of cubes to maintain the same condition........and with NO HAY BELLY!  Your horses will get the benefits of all of the feed ingredients........they can't sort out what they don't like.

Less Labor:  No more handling heavy bales and getting straw and stickers down the back of your neck.

Diet Control:  Know exactly how much your horse is eating every day and you control his feed intake.......thin horses get more in their bucket and easy keepers get less.........SIMPLE MANAGEMENT.

Nutritionally:  Because of the low moisture and low mold content, cubes hold their nutritional value longer.

Jump Start on Digestibility:  In cubes, the hay has already been chopped into those small pieces.  The horses don't waste their energy grinding down the long hay stems and the energy in the hay is converted to condition and performance.

Chewing Problems?  Horses that can't effectively chew long stemmed hay will thrive on hay cubes.  For older horses missing a few teeth, the cubes can be soaked in water for increased palatability.  Some performance horse and race horse people soak them for all of their horses. Soaking the cubes also increases palatability so supplements and medications can easily be added to the feed. Talk about no dust!

Why Should I Switch to Hay Cubes?

·       No waste- Improved condition-No hay bellies-Consistent quality-Reduce dust, chronic coughs & heaves-Get Maximum Performance from your horse.

·       Save labor, time, clean up and Money


Hay cube service is available everywhere in SLO County, Southern Monterey County and All of Santa Barbara County

Picked up at our Paso Robles warehouse or delivered directly to you

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Hay cubes are the best source of roughage for your horses

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Teff Grass Cubes

We have Teff Grass and Alfalfa Combination Hay Cubes in stock.


Yes they are 35% Teff Grass and 65% Alfalfa.

And the good news?

The price is the same as the Oat & Alfalfa and the straight Alfalfa Cubes.

Teff Grass is proving to be an excellent replacement for the more expensive Timothy Hay. 

If your horse is having digestive or metabolic problems, Teff Combination Cubes may be a good option for you. 

Check out this website and others to find out for yourself.



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Throw these away.  Those backbreaking, hay in your hair days are over!

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