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How can I save money on my monthly hay bill?


  • Reduce Waste: If you're feeding hay...................... 
    1. Do everything you can to reduce waste.  Buy the best quality hay that you can find an be sure your horses clean it up.
    2. When you find good hay, go back to the same dealer and insist on hay from the same cutting or the same lot as you purchased the last time.  It's a proven commodity so stick with it.
    3. At the very least, stay with consistent quality hay.
    4. Switch to feeding Hay Cubes and you have solved the problem of waste because there is No Waste when you feed hay cubes and the quality is consistent.  
  • Buy in volume: If you're feeding hay...........................
    1. Buy a full squeeze or even buy it by the truckload.  You usually will get a better deal by increasing your purchase volume.
    2. If you"re feeding Hay Cubes.....................  buy in 1250 pound bags and then take advantage of our incremental volume discounts.  2 or more bags $5 off per bag, 4 or more bags $10 off and 6 or more at the warehouse $15 off.  If you really want to save money, eliminate the delivery charge and pick up your cubes at our warehouse on Dry Creek Road in Paso Robles.  If you have a lot of horses, check with me about the price of direct truckload deliveries.
  • Eliminate feeding grain and expensive concentrates whenever possible:
    1. Our blended Oat and Alfalfa cubes will keep excellent condition on your horse without feeding expensive brand named grain supplements.
    2. High quality mixtures of grain hay and alfalfa hay will also reduce or eliminate the amount of packaged grain needed to keep your horse in good condition.
  • Reduce the number of horses you are feeding:
    1. Eliminate horses you are not riding or using and use the saved money to buy better quality feed for the rest of your horses.
    2. Good horses are in demand.
    3. Crippled or problem horses are more difficult to find a home for.
    4. Very gentle and well broke older horses are sometimes great starter horses for kids.  Remember it is much more rewarding to give an old horse to a deserving kid who wants to learn than it is to feed one.

Treat your horses to the best and they will return the love

If you have pictures or other success stories of Junior Competitors at the Mid State Fair or any other Junior event, please send them on to us so that we can congratulate them on this website

Hay cubes are the best source of roughage for your horses

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Teff Grass Cubes

We have Teff Grass and Alfalfa Combination Hay Cubes in stock.


Yes they are 35% Teff Grass and 65% Alfalfa.

And the good news?

The price is the same as the Oat & Alfalfa and the straight Alfalfa Cubes.

Teff Grass is proving to be an excellent replacement for the more expensive Timothy Hay. 

If your horse is having digestive or metabolic problems, Teff Combination Cubes may be a good option for you. 

Check out this website and others to find out for yourself.



The Story of Chile Don and Chile 1980


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Throw these away.  Those backbreaking, hay in your hair days are over!

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